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Transparency and access to accurate and timely information is a must to build the confidence of stakeholders in a stock market. The monthly and annual statistical reports do provide substantial information, especially from an investor perspective. However, there are many other processes and sources of information that play a supporting and supplementary role.


Joint index with MSCI in 2019

The agreement for creating a joint index with MSCI was concluded during the year 2018, and is expected to contribute greatly in the development of the derivatives A security or financial instrument whose value is determined by an underlying asset market. This index will use index capping to limit the impact individual companies have on the index.

MT30 will provide investors with a useful benchmark against the largest and most liquid stocks in the Saudi market and will be of benefit to the equity market and asset managers.

The MT30 index is based on the MSCI Saudi Arabia Investable Market Index (IMI) which represents the performance of large, medium, and small-cap stocks on the market and covers about 99% of the free-float adjusted market capitalization of the Saudi Market.

The MT30 index takes into account the top 30 securities of the IMI based on free-float market capitalization. The index is subject to capping criteria to limit the impact of single securities. At this date the largest 10 companies accounted for 73.01% of the total weightage.


Migrated to Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) in 2017

Global standards

Migrating the classification of industries to the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) A standard classification system for equities developed jointly by Morgan Stanley Capital (MSCI) and Standard and Poor’s , during 2017, helped facilitate comparison of sector performances across markets.

Attracting investors

We also launched eReference Data, a product developed to provide stakeholders with a wide range of information on the Saudi capital markets, such as equities, ETFs Exchange Traded Funds , issuers data, market news, corporate announcements, and financial statements. eReference Data is gradually receiving interest from both individual and institutional investors, helping us to move from B2B to a B2C model.

  • The number of interactions (calls, email, chat, and social media) increased by 40% from 23,000 to 33,000 while our headcount remained flat
  • Despite this increase we achieved an average service level of 96% (measured by answering time)
  • Average customer satisfaction recorded 97% while average quality assessment reached 96%
  • System improvements enabled migrating classification of industries to GICS Global Industry Classification Standard , and setting up of a self-service system for certificates depository
  • The contact centre has expanded and a dedicated customer service number was assigned for Edaa