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It was a banner year for Tadawul

Upgrading to emerging market status

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Chairperson’s Statement

A giant leap forward

Recognized as a global destination for investment

Our leadership in the GCC accounts for

53% of total market capitalization

82% of total value traded

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Chief Executive Officer’s Message

The springboard

Bold steps taken the previous year set the stage for the milestones achieved in 2018

increased by

Market capitalization increased by

Value of shares traded
increased by 4.1%

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About Tadawul

Formed on 19 March 2007 as a joint stock company in accordance with article 20 of the Capital Market Law, Tadawul is the sole entity in the Kingdom authorized to act as a securities exchange.


To be an integrated financial exchange that fosters the development of a diverse Saudi capital market and competes internationally.


To offer sound, efficient and attractive capital market products and services that deliver superior value to our market participants and stakeholders.

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