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Issuers are the corporates or other entities that issue securities and together with investors and members (brokers) are the main participants in the capital markets. Tadawul has to play a balancing role of attracting issuers while protecting the rights and interests of investors.

Strategic Pillars

Strategic Pillars

In the coming year we will encourage more private companies to offer and list their shares in the stock market. We intend to do this with the incentives offering through the Private Sector Incentive Programme. Details of the listing incentives are given below:

Provider Incentive

Increased loan limits granted to listed companies

Introduction of a new “premium” classification in bidding for listed companies

Facilitated approval process for listed companies to register foreign partners (joint ventures)

Fast tracked services at the Authority’s Business Support Centre and advisory services including training courses on the electronic systems of the Authority

Priority on training programmes for listed companies, for reporting and statistical data and priority for advertisement in the ministry events

Increased funding percentage, and increased credit services limits for each customer